Listed below is various penis enlargement techniques and penis enlarging methods, some of them way more effective than others. You might be familiar with several or all of the penis enlargement devices and techniques, if not we recommend that you take a closer look.

Enlargement of your penis is possible if done correctly, but you only got one penis, so take good care of it - Some penis enlargements methods can do more harm than good.


Penis Extenders

Penis enlargement extenders like the Jes-Extender are the most popular male enhancement devices in the world and are sold in an estimated 100.000 units each year. The process is slow, but the penis extenders have been proven effective by doctors and in recent medical studie, check Paragraph 144 here. 



Trust us when we say, that no pills can increase the size of your penis - And stay away from free penis enlargement pill ads. No studies have ever shown any proven effects. Furthermore, medical research shows that one or more penis lengthening pills brands contains E. Coli bacterias among other things. To read more about the study, click here.



Penis surgery is the only method beside extenders that will give your a bigger penis. However, this kind of penile enhancement is very risky and expensive, and is related with possible complications. A study made by European Urology shows that only 35% of the men who underwent the surgery were satisfied with the result. To read more about the study, click here.



Penis pumps enlargements are a popular but not very effective way to enlarge your penis. With this penis enlargement method, you are also very likely to get bruises and deformities in your penis. We do not recommend the use of these penis enlargement pumps or similar penis enlargement systems or devices.



Jelqing is a common penis enlargement technique where you massage and squeeze your penis in order for it to contain more blood, and thereby get bigger. The method has similarities to stretching but is no near as effective as using an extender device like the Jes-Extender.