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Q: Does penis enlargement with a penis extender really work?
A: Yes it does – If the device had not been medical approved to work, we simply would not sell it. With more than 350.000 units sold and daily emails from happy customers you can be rest assured that it works.


Q: For how long must i wear my penis extender?
A:  In order to follow our customers average gains of 28% in length and 19% in girth, you must wear your extender everyday for 4-6 months 4-6 hours a day. Basically you should aim for minimum 1000+ hours within 6 months - but if you do this we promise you will see some amazing results.

Q: How quickly can i expect to see results?
A:  Normally people will see their first gains after daily use in 1-2 month - however some users might see them after just a few weeks or after 3 months. Remember that the process is very effective but also very slow - using a penis extender therefore requires a lot of patience.


Q) Can I wear the my penis extender at work and while I sleep?
A) Your penis extender can be worn under loose fitting boxer shorts and trousers, which mean you can comfortably wear it at work as long as you have a non-physical job. You can also wear it at night while sleeping, although people who twist and turn a lot during nighttime, may find this more difficult while wearing their extender.

Q) How long can I continue using the penis enlarger?
You can wear the Jes-Extender or Male Edge penis enlargement device for as long as you like – and it will continue to increase your penis size for as long as you wear it.


Q) Is there a fixed treatment pattern?
A) No – And that is because the penis growth depends on the total number of hours you wear your penis extender. You can wear it for 3 hours a day for 180 days – or 6 hours a day for 90 days – and receive exactly the same results.

Q) Is it painful to use the penis enlargement device?
A) If you follow our 6-week start up schedule you will not feel any pain. However, if you from day one are wearing your Jes-Extender or Male Edge device 6 hours a day, you will most likely feel discomfort.


Q) Do the effects reverse over time?
A) Absolutely not. With the Male Edge and the Jes-Extender penis enlargers, all growth is permanent.


Q) Can a penis extender help straighten a curved penis?
A) Our independent clinical trials have shown that our penis extenders can effectively straighten curved penises up to 60-90%.


Q) Do I need to be a certain length or thickness to use the your penis enlargers?
A) No, our penis enlargers is perfect for penises of all proportions – and for circumcised and uncircumcised penises.


Q) Do I need medical advice before using the a penis extender?
A) No – there is no reason to see a doctor before using your extender. Our simple instruction manuals explain exactly how to use our safe, comfortable penis enlargement devices.

Q) What happens if I get an erection whilst wearing my penis enlarger?
A) There is nothing to worry about. The penis extender will either adjust to the angle of your erection or glide off smoothly and painlessly.


Q) Are there any major differences on the 6 different Jes-Extender models?
A) All our extenders provides the same function and results. However, different models come in different materials with different ranges of useful accessories. Furthermore, the warranty will vary depending on the model.


Q) Does penis enlargement lead to weaker erections?
A) Not at all. Experience tells us that many users in fact achieve stronger erections after using our device, which is attributed to increased cell activity and blood flow.

Q) Will I loose girth if I use the penis enlarger?
A) No, Our penis extenders has been designed to increase length and girth at the same time with an average increase of 28 % in length and 19 % in girth.

Q) How do I get access to the interactive training program and forum?
A) After purchasing one of our penis extenders you will receive an order confirmation. In this email you will find instruction for getting access to the forum and the exclusive training program.