The basic principle of the penis extenders

A penis extender is a simple traction device that allows cells in your penis to divide and multiply. This process occurs when the penis is exposed to a constant and permanent stretch, which will lead you with a longer and wider penis.

The principle of penis stretching is 100% safe and is why it is called natural penis enlargement. The same principle has also been used trough centuries in various cultures in order to develop or extend different body parts. 

Instructional video for Male Edge



Instructional video for The Jes-Extender



Type 1 medical enhancement device

Our penis extenders is approved as a type 1 medical device, which has been CE-marked, meaning it is medical approved to work. The process of using a penis stretcher is very effective, but slow, and you should therefore be aware that using a penis extender requires patience. However, you can be rest assured that it is all worth the effort.

Safe and easy to use

Using a penis extender device is easy and convenient way of penis enlarging, and you can wear it whenever you feel the need. The final result is determined by the combined hours and traction you use. For the optimal penis enlargement results we recommend that you use your penis enlarging extender for 6 months, however many already see results after only a few weeks or months of use.

If you wish to continue your penile enlargement process, you can continue to wear your penis extender for more than 6 months. The penis extender will keep lengthen your penis as long as you use it.

You can wear your penis enlargement device under loose fitting boxers shorts and pants, which mean you can easily use it at work, as long as you have a non-physical job. After the first 6 weeks of use, you can even wear the penis extender while you sleep, making the elongation process easy and convenient.


Available to anybody

No matter what current size you are, you can use the Jes-Extender or the Male Edge, as it fits penis sizes from 4 cm/1.6 inches to 28 cm/11.2 inches. A penis extender can also be used if you are circumcised or if you want to straighten a curved penis.

Getting a bigger penis should be available to everybody, so with packages starting at only €179 or $249, you can easily choose a model that suits your budget. The Jes-Extender and the Male Edge is truly among of the best penis enlarging devices, if not the best penis enlargement programs available.

So, with our penis extenders you can:

  • Add inches to your penis size using only natural penis enhancement
  • Correct uncomfortable penis curves
  • Boost your confidence
  • Boost your sex life
  • Stronger erections due to increased blood flow
  • Become less sensitive, so that you can last longer