Penis Enlargers

Penis enlargers come in a variety of formats. Some penis enlargers are medical procedures while others are self imposed methods. Additionally some penis enlargers are permanent and others are only temporary.

Permanent penis enlargers typically include the surgical and other medically related methods. Penis lengthening surgery is definitely a permanent procedure. This procedure is done by a urologist or other surgeon where one cuts the penis and extends it out. The penis is about a third to even a half inside the body. By surgically removing this portion of the penis, a surgeon can increase the length of the penis.

Penis Enlarging Techniques

Penis enlargers, such as these surgeries, are quite controversial. The reason is that this surgery is invasive and poses high risk to patients afterwards. Many men after surgery run the risk of not being able to produce an erection. For this reason, this surgery is rarely done with the exception of men who have a disfigured penis or men with Peyronie’s disease.

Other penis enlargers include a penis implant. These penis enlargers are pumps that are surgically placed inside the penis. The penis enlargers or pumps are pumped by hand to fill the containers. These containers, once filled, are able to produce an erection. These penis enlargers methods can never be reversed, but new implants can replace older implants. This method is used for many men who cannot obtain an erection and therefore many do not consider this method one of the penis enlargers.

Other permanent penis enlargers are called stretchers. Many of these penis enlargement devices are available on the market, such as the Jes-Extender. These stretching penis enlargers all vary somewhat, but some are medically approved. The Jes-Extender has been reviewed by medical personnel and approved for its safety.

 Stretching devices as penis enlargers are much safer than medical invasive procedures. These devices do take quite a bit longer before any lengthening results can be seen. However, the risk is much less when using penis stretching enlargers.

Penis Enlarging Pills

Pills are often used as penis enlargers. These can be prescribed by a physician or purchased over the counter in many places in the world. Pills are not very effective as penis enlargers and if some results are evident they are only temporary.

Other temporary penis enlargers are found on the market. One should research all penis enlargers prior to purchasing and using one. It is best to take into consideration all methods as well as one’s reason for using penis enlargers. A person with a deformed penis or penis condition may want to consider surgery while others will get the best results with penis stretching enlargers. As everyone is different as is their condition, the treatment plan will vary as well.

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