If you have a penis that curves a bit when erect you should not worry, as this is a pretty common phenomenon.

The degree of this curve varies a lot, and some times this can cause discomfort or interfere with sexual activity. This phenomenon is called Peyronie's disease and is characterized by a hard lump (plaque) that occurs on the penis.The greater part of Peyronie's disease can be cured.

However, if you choose to undergo a surgery, you will very likely loose up to an inch of your penis’ length.


A cure for a curved penis with a penis extender

Using a penis extender device is a very good alternative to an operation. However, this solution might not give you a
100 % straight penis, but studies shows results of a 60-90% less curvature. And the best is that you get to keep that
extra inch of your manhood. So, go ahead! Give the Jes-Extender a try before you go under the knife.