The Penis-O-Meter

(Dosen't work on tablets)


How it works
1. Press start
2. Select inches or centimeters
3. Enter the length of your flaccid penis
4. Now choose how much you want to grow
5. See how many hours you need in order
to achieve the desired results (tension/hours)



Predict your penis growth!

If you use our penis extenders with the right attendance from us, you will get a bigger penis - thats a promise. Just remember that this dosent happens over night as your body needs time to change. You can compare using your extender to getting ready for a marathon where you gradually build up your endurance.

Remember that it is the total hours that determines the result. You can choose to wear your extender for 6 hours a day for 90 days or for 3 hours a day for 180 days and ahcieve the exact same results.


See how it works     

The Penis-O-Meter is a fun, yet realistic way to get an indication of how the penis extender works, and what kind of effort there is required to achieve your goal. 

Please note that our penis-o-meter works as an indication, stating the average results. Nobody is 100% identical and therefore some users might need less hours and somene will need a little more.